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The area around the Lac de Moiry is definitely one of the most impressive and wildest high altitude paradises. Easily accessible in summer season the deep turquois waters of the barrier lake and the waterfall like glacier behind it present Mother Natures power and beauty in a mindblowing way.

The dam of the lake is 148 meters tall at an altitude of 2249m, accessible for pedestrians. There is a little buffet (restaurant) and a parking lot right next to the dam, as well as one of the most adventurous via ferratas. Entry is free, but make sure to bring all the gear needed yourself. A map of the route is located down at the foot of the dam. You need to have a good head for heights to manage this climbing route! Starting from the dam there are hiking paths on the right side and a road on the left side of the lake. It is possible to walk around the whole lake, a couple hours should be planned for it. Some of the hiking paths to the right lead higher up, taking you to the Lac des Autannes and the Col de Torrent, a mountain pass leading to Evolène in Val d'Hérens. The road on the left side is open in high summer only when all snow has melted. It takes you behind the lake, opening the view on the Moiry glacier and a wild glacier forefield with a couple more lakes, the biggest named Lac de Châteaupré at 2352m altitude. The road ends at another parking lot, a bus stop is served here as well.

During high season there is another little snack bar close to the parking lot, some benches for those who just want to relx and watch the nature show. For those who want to keep exploring, a bunch of trails run into several directions, the most popular leading up to the Cabane de Moiry.

Sitting up at 2825m altitude right next to the Moiry glacier it offers an amazing view over endless icescapes. The hut itself is one of those traditional stone mountain buildings, renovated inside with huge panoramic windows.

Hiking up from Châteaupré takes about 1,5-2 hours and thus visiting Cabane de Moiry is perfectly suited for a day trip.


How to get there From Sierre take the road up to Val d'Anniviers direction Grimentz. The road to Moiry starts in the back of the village of Grimetz. Make sure the road is open before you plan a trip! Be prepared for high altitude hikes, take good shoes (preferably mountain boots) and clothing to change. Weather can switch very quickly in the mountains, even in summer. Leave only footprints, don't litter! Info Val d'Anniviers Cabane de Moiry

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