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keeping moments

Since early childhood I've been wandering through life with a camera in my hand.
Growing up learning how to use an analog camera all manually, developing film & prints in an oldschool darkroom and retouching by hand.
Nowadays I'm all digital, but still working with Nikon gear like back in the days and a proud global ambassador for Nya-Evo camera backpacks.
I spend most of my time roaming the outdoors in search of beautiful places and moments, mostly in Valais, where I live.

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clients & collabs

My Leukerbad AG   |   Lötschental Marketing AG   |   Werkhof  &  Forst Lötschental   |   veracom AG   |   Kunz   |   Stefanie Heinzmann   |   QL   |   Oesch's Die Dritten   |   starfish GmbH   |   Gemeinde Leukerbad   |   freepower Eventtechnik   |   Walliserhof Brand   |   Bellwald Tourismus   |   Engelberg Tourismus   |   Restaurant Dorfkeller   |   Race for Life Bern   |   Graubünden   |   Columbia   |   Bergbahnen Hohsaas   |   Hirschen Wildhaus   |   Zermatt Tourismus   |   Mammut   |   SolTech   |  Sporthaus Lauchern   |   Anenhütte   |   Lauchernalp Resort Residences   |   Hotel Edelweiss   |   Canaan Restaurant   |   Gemmi Lodge 2350   |   Nya-Evo   |   Die Lötschentaler   |   tbc


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