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who I am

I'm one of those people who indulge in icecream and chocolate just right after working out and then complain about gaining weight.
I catch spiders and bugs indoors to let them free again outside, feed fallen bees with sugar and I'm a strict vegetarian since teenage years.

Sometimes, when I act really stupid, I slap myself in the face.

I can knit, crochet and sew.
One of my best friends is a Valais blackneckgoat named Häx (witch).

I am addicted to the mountains, but I also love the ocean and nature in general.
I studied photography in California and I used to develope my photos in an oldschool darkroom.
I love skirts and dresses, which is why I wear them even in the mountains.

what I can do for you

music, events, outdoor, sports, travel, ...

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Valais, Switzerland


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